The  rebid workshops Rebidding Solutions deliver have provided our organisation with an insight into how to look at the rebidding process in a different way. The workshop challenges our established thought patterns and engages the team to think the whole process through in a different way. The workshops are highly interactive and tailor made to the organization which allowed us to get the best from the team involved. Their ongoing support beyond the workshops is also very valuable”

Nicola Rodker, Managing Director, Westmeria Healthcare

 Rebids are different to new bids. As the incumbent you should have many advantages. But incumbents still lose too often. Our training and workshops don’t just rehash the processes for new bids – they focus on your position as the incumbent  -and what you need to do to keep that position. Based on two decades of experience in rebids with some of the business most successful in retaining contracts, on research, reviewing dozens of rebids (won and lost) and honed through delivery in 13 countries they help you focus on what needs to be done to win. And because our workshops are all interactive your team won’t just leave with some notes, a few slides and a general idea of best practice. They will have a clear understanding, and set of actions to put in place for the rebid they are working on now, their next rebid, or what they need to start doing tomorrow to improve contract retention.

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Rebid Start Up workshop

‘By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail’  Benjamin Franklin

Kick off your rebid preparations with our in-company one day workshop.

Starting the rebid early enough and getting a real focus and plan for winning can often be a problem – there’s so much else to do in running the contract, looking at new business or dealing with the customer on a day to day basis. Our interactive workshop gets the team together and through interspersing best practice rebid actions and advice with exercises based on your specific rebid gets your rebid off to the best possible start. Download our Rebid Start Up Workshop Brochure Or to discuss or book a Rebid Start Up Workshop contact us

 Get to Great Contract retention workshop

We’ve teamed up with Get To Great to create a contract retention framework based on their hugely popular and effective process for improving sales, bidding and customer care. The one day workshop focuses on where you see your business against contract retention best practices,using our Contract Retention Maturity Model and helps you put in place a plan to improve the areas which will make the biggest difference in improving your contract retention success. Read more about our Contract Retention Maturity Model  To discuss or book a contract retention workshop contact us

Rebid training for Contract and Account leads

Unlike sales and bid teams contract leads are not focused on bids and rebids every day. But as research shows over 80% of procurers see contract performance as an important part of their decision as to whether the incumbent wins the rebid. Having an approach from day one of the contract that takes this into account is one of the surest ways to put you in the best position to retain your contract. And helping contract and leads understand the link between their day to day actions and the rebid , as well as what the rebid process will entail for them is an important part of maximizing your contract retention rates.

Our half day workshop gives contract leads the information, actions and processes they need to be ready for the rebid – and helps them put in place the actions now that will put their contracts in prime position for the rebid, whether it is in a few months time or a few years away. These actions also help build customer relationships, enable your contract to gain organic growth and reduce the pressure on margins now – so there are immediate benefits to be gained no matter how far away the rebid might be. The half day workshop can be fitted into your regular contract manager conferences, or run for a small group on an ad hoc basis as part of your development of your contract management skills. To discuss or book a workshop for your contract or account team contact us

Rebid workshops for bid teams

Many bid teams are now taking courses and qualifications in bid processes and bid management techniques. But when they work on rebids there are different approaches which need to be added to these core new business processes. Without them bidders can make mistakes common to many incumbents which can damage your chances of winning your rebid.

Our half day rebid workshops for bidders take bid teams through what is different in the rebid to working on new bids and how to incorporate the different approaches into their existing bid planning and writing processes and techniques.Each workshop is based on our wide experience of winning rebids (as well as running new business bids) and includes practical actions your team can take to adapt your existing processes for bidding to fit the rebid, improve their chances of winning, and avoid the mistakes many incumbents make in rebids. To discuss or book a workshop for your bid team contact us


If you have a different requirement for training your teams in what works in rebids we can create bespoke workshops and courses to fit your specific company needs. Contact us to discuss what you are looking for.