What people are saying about us

Here is some of the feedback we are receiving from people commissioning our consulting, attending our workshops, purchasing the Rebid Guide and membership of the Rebid Centre, and reading our documents

Nigel from Rebidding Solutions has helped NRS transform our retention rate from 30% to 90% over the past two years. His deep understanding of what it takes to win rebids, and his drive and support in practically applying that knowledge in our business has meant we have transformed how we prepare for rebids, run them and how we approach contract delivery. The results speak for themselves. Before working with Nigel we had concerns over the number of rebids that we faced and the potential impact on the business if we were unsuccessful. In fact with the foundation created by winning so many of our rebids we have been able to grow the business substantially over the past two years such that we now have strong visibility over our future contract revenues for at least the next 5 years. John Makin, Finance Director

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Nigel from Rebidding Solutions has bought to NRS a clearer view of what it takes to win rebids and helped us put in place the actions that have delivered those wins. In particular he has helped the business understand the dynamics of relationships with customers and how to develop them over the life of the contract to create a real partnership that has bought wins on both sides. Nigel has worked very well with contract teams and the bid team, but also on a strategic level with the directors and senior management. He has effected a change in our business around understanding the drivers of the client and how important it is to see a contract as a ‘living’ entity that needs to grow and be developed to show thought leadership and a modernising approach which is seen as refreshing by our customers. His advice and support has also helped us put in place and refine a range of initiatives that have moved us closer to our customers and delivered market leading new approaches which we believe will help us across the business, not just in winning future rebids. Stephen Kennedy, Commercial Director.

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Nigel brought us a fresh approach and a real vitality to our rebids. His approach reinforced at bid, contract and director level the importance of effective rebid and bid planning. This has been instrumental in moving us away from a view about a “curse of the incumbent” to one where we recognise our success and can illustrate it more effectively in our bids and proposals. Nigel has an easy manner and a style which gets people on side early on in the process and really makes a difference to envisioning our capabilities through solution development. Helping individuals see the value they bring to the business, where all they see is them “doing their job” is also one of Nigel’s strengths. Matthew Spooner, Bid Director

NRS Heathcare

The course was very helpful indeed. It has allowed us to get the team focused on collating necessary evidence in support of our rebid and certainly reminded us that complacency and assumptions about what a good job we do have no place in the process!” Service Delivery Director, Unisys


The whole day was very informative and thought provoking. The idea of planning for a rebid at the outset of a contract was particularly interesting Client Manager, Unisys


The Rebid Guide has been really useful. We are currently in a critical rebid process; the guide has given me some great tools and techniques to bring our incumbency into our proposal, without defining it as the sole reason we should be chosen. I’m sure it’s a guide I’ll be returning to again and again. Bridget Waters, Strategy & Partnerships Manager

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The workshops Rebidding Solutions deliver have provided our organisation with an insight into how to look at the re-bidding process in a different way. The workshop challenges our established thought patterns and engages the team to think the whole process through in a different way. The workshops are highly interactive and tailor made to the organisation which allowed us to get the best from the team involved. Their ongoing support beyond the workshops is also very valuable. We will continue to use Rebidding Solutions for future requirements without hesitation. Nicola Rodker, Managing Director Westmeria Healthcare Ltd

“We’ve just been informed we have won the Kent bid! Thanks again for the support given by Rebidding Solutions adding the golden touch to our process and bid submission we are delighted with the contribution you made.” Gary Stephenson, Managing Director Restorative Solutions

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Nigel from Rebidding Solutions provided a review service based on our initial ITT response for a really important framework. He did this to the timescales promised, and his comments greatly improved our submission. I would have no hesitation in using his services again.” Paul Bracken, Managing Director CPD Print Management

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Rebidding Solutions were extremely helpful in providing independent review and critical challenge for a successful bid to run Community Rehabilitation Services for the Ministry of Justice. Their input was really valued by the bid team and the speed they worked at was also appreciated. Bid Manager, Large Private Sector bidder

Nigel from Rebidding Solutions worked with the Senior team within Paragon Skills to help them identify the key areas that needed addressing in order to be positioned as a leading government skills provider. He provided clarity of thought, challenge and rigour to set a series of stepping stones to enable the business to move from its current position to one of excellent customer service with a focus on quality. Daniel O Keefe, Managing Director Paragon Skills

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Your book is a game changer. You show how a company can win more contracts by linking the program delivery process to the proposal preparation process. Everyone engaged in responding to solicitations should read your book. Your approach offers the potential for a company to generally uplift its market position. Russel Smith, President OCI (Organizational Communications Inc)

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Excellent day, really useful but especially rebid preparations and tactics Business Relationship Manager, HP

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This is truly an exceptional and eye-opening report. I just outlined what I thought to be key sections and forwarded to all of the Area VPs’ in my Region. Thank you for providing this information!!!  Joshua Letourneau, Region VP, Securitas Security Services


The Rebid Guide really does help put the whole subject matter into perspective. I have never seen or read such a comprehensive piece of work, really impressed with the whole thing. Graham Clarke, Director, BIZphit

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Those of us who help organisations unseat the incumbents should be healthily concerned. I may never know if I’m up against Rebidding Solutions’ support for an incumbent, but I’ll continue to write every bid for my clients as if I am. As should we all. (see the rest of the article here)

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Brilliant…brilliant…brilliant. Everyone is always talking about “thought leadership”, leaving it undefined. But I know it when I see it. This is some genuine thought leadership. You and team have done an exceptional job of compiling information and analyzing it to come up with a compelling set of findings. Incumbents with upcoming rebids should read this. Bryn Olexy, Director, Pitch and Proposal, DLA Piper

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What an insightful document for sales staff at ALL levels, even those who THINK they know it all. It is a must read for all working in any concept of sales. Mike Tolley, Cogent FM Solutions