Rebid Centre

The Rebid Centre is the ultimate source of advice, information, tools and techniques to help you retain your contract when the rebid (or as it is called in the USA the recompete) is run.

The Centre doesn’t just focus on the recompete itself. It also helps you put in place the right actions and processes to prepare for your recompete, and take action right through your contract with specific ideas for running your contract or project to put you in the best possible position by the time the recompete starts.

If you are a contract lead or account manager you will find a range of advice and techniques to improve your contract performance, deliver what the customer really wants, build better customr relationships and drive your contract forward.

If you are part of a recompete team the Centre takes you through every stage of preparing for the recompete with detailed step by step actions and processes to help you understand the contract, build your knowledge of what the customer wants for the next contract period and influence what goes into the recompete

If you are a bid lead or team member the Centre shows you how to avoid the mistakes many incumbents make which can cost you the win, and it builds on best practice bid processes to show how you can adapt and add to these to make the most of your incumbency in your recompete.

Based on research from around the world and the best practices from the organisations most successful in retaining contracts the Centre will give you the edge to win more of your recompetes


Click on the link on the right of the page to go to the Rebid Centre demonstration site to see exactly what the Centre contains. The site also includes a number of free example papers from the Centre that you can read and download to get a feel for the type of help you will get when you join the Centre.