July 2016 News

Another rebid win. A new client has just been announced as successfully retaining their place on a major framework. Paul Bracken, MD of CDP Print Management kindly wrote to us saying “I have just found out that we finished in first place on the Framework with a score of 89.95%. We beat a lot of companies much bigger than ourselves and we are all highly delighted. On behalf of everyone at CDP can I thank you for helping us achieve this.”

April 2016 News

Another rebid win. Yet another win for a long term client. Our customer has been informed of their successful retention of their contract with NHS East Riding of Yorkshire CCG and East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Our recent record with our customer is 8 wins out of the last 8 rebids we have worked together on. Rebidding Solutions supported our client by running a Rebid Preparation workshop and overseeing their rebid preparation processes.

February 2016 News

Nigel Thacker from Rebidding Solutions presented to APMP members on the 25th February at Tata Communications’ offices in London. The presentation theme was ‘ Machiavelli and others on Rebidding’ and looked at how the teachings of Machiavelli, Sun Tzu and others could be applied to rebidding. The presentation also included a number of real life rebid losses published by the Government Accountability Office and the lessons to learn from them. Nigel will also be presenting at the APMP Symposium in June, focusing on Recapture Planning. You can see some of the quotes and lessons from Machiavelli here

January 2016 News

Another rebid win. A client has just been announced winner of their rebid for a ten year Grounds Maintenance and landscaping contract for a Local Authority in Berkshire. As part of the procurement our client also won a new contract with a second Berkshire Local Authority. Rebidding Solutions supported our client by running a one day Rebid Training workshop for a range of bid and contract staff, supporting their solution development for the new contract, reviewing their existing contract delivery, helping set out their win themes and storyboarding, supporting the team during the rebid and providing an external review of their ITT submission.

December 2015 News

Another rebid win. Another win for a long term client making our recent record 7 wins out of the last 7 rebids we have worked on together. They have just had announced the successful retention of their contract with Hull CCG and Hull City Council. Rebidding Solutions supported our client by running a Rebid Preparation workshop, overseeing their rebid preparation processes, supporting their solution development for the new contract, supporting the team during the rebid and providing an external review of their ITT submission.

November 2015

Another rebid win. Our latest client, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SABP) has just been announced as winner of the rebid for its £13m per year contract for CAMHS services for Surrey. We supported SABP’s team with rebid management support, storyboarding, review and analysis of previous contract performance, support with cost modelling, review of written submissions and a post submission review of lessons learnt.

October 2015

Another rebid win. A client has announced the successful retention of their contract with Leicester City Council. Rebidding Solutions supported our client by running a Rebid Preparation workshop, overseeing their rebid preparation processes, supporting their solution development for the new contract, supporting the team during the rebid and providing an external review of their ITT submission.

September 2015

Another rebid win. A client we have worked with on a series of rebids announced their successful retention of yet another contract, this time with Lincolnshire County Council. Rebidding Solutions supported our client in their rebid with a Rebid Preparation workshop, management of their rebid preparation processes, support during the rebid and review of their ITT submission.

Another rebid win. Our client, a FTSE 100 international outsourcing business has announced their successful rebid of a significant Justice sector contract. Rebidding Solutions supported our client with a review of their Phase 2 ITT submission at draft and final stages to ensure the client made the most of their incumbency whilst focusing on the future new contract in their solution.

July 2015

Another rebid win. A client we have worked with on previous rebids announced their retention of another contract, this one with Powys County Council. Rebidding Solutions supported our client in their rebid with a Rebid Preparation workshop, management of their rebid preparation processes and review of their ITT submission.

May 2015

Another rebid win. Our client won their rebid with the SEPT NHS Trust, continuing their relationship with the Trust for another contract period. Rebidding Solutions provided a review of their PQQ and their ITT to ensure they were making the most of their incumbency whilst offering innovative new solutions to meet the customer’s future needs.

28th April 2015

Nigel Thacker, Managing Director of Rebidding Solutions presented today to the local Association of Proposal Management Professional meeting. The presentation at Telefonica’s headquarters in Slough was titled ‘Why aren’t you winning more rebids, and what can you do about it? It covered common reasons why incumbents lose their rebids, and actions incumbents can take during their contract, in their rebid preparations and in their submissions to improve their retention rates. Nigel also presented the results of some of Rebidding Solutions’ recent research on Local Authority evaluation processes.

January 2015

Another rebid win. One week, two different clients, two rebid wins. This client retained their contract, with an extended scope, with Lincolnshire Police. Rebidding Solutions reviewed their ITT submission, providing rewrites of key sections.

Another rebid win. Rebidding Solutions has supported another client with a rebid win, announced this week. Our client won their existing contract, plus an extended region to cover the whole of Dorset for the Local Authority. Rebidding Solutions ran their Rebid Preparation process, following a Rebid Preparation workshop, helped set the rebid strategy and storyboarding and reviewed their draft and final ITT submission.

November 2014

Another rebid win. Another rebid client this week announced their retention of a contract with West Sussex County Council. Rebidding Solutions supported our client with a Rebid Preparation workshop, and by writing the first draft of their ITT.

October 2014

Client bid win. Whilst we usually focus on rebids, we do also work with bidders aiming to win new contracts. Rebidding Solutions supported our client with reviews and rewrites of their ITT for Probation Outsourcing contracts. This week they have been announced as winners of 2 Lots (out of 3 bid for), worth over £200m over the contract period.

23rd October 2014

Nigel Thacker from Rebidding Solutions presented today at the national APMP UK Conference. The presentation was on the subject of developing a Recapture Plan and how incumbents can significantly improve their chances of retaining more contracts at rebid if they put a formal process in place to manage this rebid preparation period. The presentation showed some of the common mistakes incumbents make in preparing (or not preparing) for their rebid and showed the key aspects of a Recapture Plan, the areas to focus on, and how to implement the process into your organisation. You can read an article on Recapture Planning here.

June 2014

Another rebid win. Another customer has been announced as winner of their rebid. The rebid win enables them to continue and expand their existing contract with Buckinghamshire County Council for another 5 years, with an approximate contract value of £40m. Rebidding Solutions ran a Rebid preparation workshop for our client, managed their rebid preparation process, supported their storyboarding and win theme development as well as their bid writing for the ITT and ran a full review of their final submission.

June 2014

Another rebid win. Our customer, Westmeria Healthcare won the rebid of a contract with Oxleas NHS Trust. Rebidding Solutions supported Westmeria in the rebid by running a Rebid preparation workshop at the start of their rebid preparation process, by reviewing their PQQ and reviewing their final ITT submission. Nicola Rodker, Managing Director of Westmeria said “The workshops Rebidding Solutions deliver have provided our organisation with an insight into how to look at the rebidding process in a different way. The workshop challenges our established thought patterns and engages the team to think the whole process through in a different way”.

19th March 2014

Rebidding Solutions in the USA. Nigel Thacker from Rebidding Solutions was part of an expert panel discussing Recompetes at the recent APMP NCA event in Washington DC area on the 19th March. You can see the video of the discussion here. During the event the APMP ran a raffle for a copy of the US version of the Rebid Guide: The Recompete Guide (available from Amazon). The event also saw the launch of the US version of our Recompete Start Up workshop by our US partners OCI. To book a workshop in the US contact OCI at The panel discussion was covered by Washington Technology. See their article here

24th February 2014

Rebidding Solutions present Recapture Planning to the UK APMP. Nigel Thacker from Rebidding Solutions presented at the local APMP event on the 24th February at Baker Tilly’s offices in London. The subject was Creating a Recapture Plan. About 80 APMP members attended the talk, covering how to put a Recapture Plan in place in your business, the key aspects of a Recapture Plan and why Recapture planning to retain your existing contracts is different to Capture planning for new contract bids.

December 2013

Get To Great® and Rebidding Solutions are pleased to announce a new model in the Get To Great® series of Performance Improvement benchmarks. Retaining your existing customers is vital to sustaining and growing your business and for the incumbent supplier, losing an existing contract is a catastrophe from which some businesses never fully recover.

Competing to retain a contract requires a different approach than winning a new bid and therefore Get To Great® has combined its proven performance improvement methodology with the Subject Matter Expertise of Rebidding Solutions, to develop a specific solution for Contract Retention – The Get To Great® Contract Retention Maturity Model.

Chris Whyatt, creator of Get To Great® is delighted that this additional model is now available. Chris said, “For more than 10 years, we have been working with businesses to increase their success rates in bidding for new customers. Our Contract Retention model, causes you to consider how being the incumbent supplier needs to be taken into account and how the customer’s current delivery experience needs to be a key feature of your Rebid.

Nigel Thacker, MD of Rebidding Solutions, brings this expertise to the Get To Great® process. This new joint model is a powerful and cost-effective approach to enable businesses to maximise their chances of winning, for an investment which is negligible in the context of re-competing for a major contract.”

For more details on the new workshop see our Training pages

November 2013

Another customer rebid win. Rebidding solutions supported our client in their rebid to Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Local Authorities. We ran a rebid preparation start up workshop for their bid and operational teams, managed their rebid preparation process, ran their bid start up meeting and ran a full review of their ITT submission. The rebid win secures their contract with the customers for another 4 years.

November 2013

If you need to kick start your rebid and are based in the US or Europe you can now get access to our popular Rebid Start Up Workshop. We have signed licence agreements with Organizational Communications Inc (OCI) to deliver the workshop in the USA, and with Strategic Proposals NL to deliver the workshop in Holland and the rest of continental Europe. To see more about the workshop visit our training page and if you are in the UK and want us to run a workshop for your impending rebid, contact us directly via our contact page.

September 2013

Rebid Win. Our Customer Restorative Solutions has just announced their win of a contract with Kent County Council. Rebidding Solutions supported Restorative Solutions in their submission by helping set out a clear bid process and reviewing and suggesting rewrites to their ITT. Gary Stevenson, CEO of Restorative Solutions told us: “We’ve just been informed we have won the Kent bid!. Thanks again for the support given by Rebidding Solutions adding the golden touch to our process and bid submission, we are delighted with the contribution you made

12th September 2013

The Recompete Guide, written by Rebidding Solutions and published by CAI/SISCo was launched today. The Guide contains 60 ideas for winning your recompete and is focused on the US marketplace. It is the sister publication to the UK based ebook The Rebid Guide (available from our website at and can be purchased from Amazon

24th June 2013

Rebidding Solutions announces the launch of our new services: The Rebid Centre and the Rebid Guide. To find out more go to the Rebid Centre demonstration site at

4th February 2013 publishes feature by Rebidding Solutions on the Dos and Don’ts for rebid success as the first of a series of articles by us appearing on

Extract from the Feature:

With intense competition for new business wins in FM continuing, keeping what business you already have has become increasingly important. Losing too many of your contracts at rebid can do more than reduce your growth. Big or sustained rebid losses can have a serious impact on your profitability and your ability to manage and fund the company. Staff get nervous, shareholders get nervous, the banks get even more nervous.

The impact of rebids on your business plans

Business planning and forecasting can become an exercise in wishful thinking if you don’t factor in a realistic reduction in turnover and profit from lost contracts based on your existing rebid loss rates – and add to your budgets the additional cost of bidding for extra new business to fill the gap. But some companies we talk to don’t even know what their actual rebid win rate is. Others don’t know which contracts are up for rebidding over the business planning period they are forecasting, or what the total turnover and profit is of the contracts at risk from rebid.

So, our first DO for rebidding success is: Do review what your company’s rebid win rate is at the moment and do understand in detail how many contracts, of what value, are coming up for rebid. Unless you are putting in place clear management actions that you are confident will improve your retention rate, factor into your forecasts the losses you will continue to incur. As an aside we have found that hoping, assuming or even asserting that rebid win rates will improve don’t by themselves fit into the ‘clear management actions’ category.

Why do businesses lose rebids?

Every rebid is different and the details of each loss vary. But over the18 years we have been reviewing, running and training people on rebids we have found some very common threads. And whilst the initial reaction, and often only review, of many rebid losses that ‘we were beaten on price’ can be true, there are usually causes for most losses (and often your price) which stretch back not just into the bid effort, but beyond into the preparations (or lack of) for the rebid and even into the running of the contract itself.

Our second DO is: Do review your rebid losses, and wins, with an eye to the whole contract and rebid preparation effort, not just the marks you got in the evaluation. Over the past couple of months we have been preparing some research into customers’ views of why incumbents lose rebids. The initial feedback we have had makes sobering reading. The most common complaint, and reason why customers feel their incumbent’s lose their rebids, is they feel far too many are complacent.

Link to Feature:

8th November 2012

Winning Your Rebid public workshop run by Rebidding Solutions in London

Participant feedback from the workshop included:

“The course was very helpful indeed. It has allowed us to get the team focused on collating necessary evidence in support of our rebid and certainly reminded us that complacency and assumptions about what a good job we do have no place in the process!”

“Excellent day, really useful but especially rebid preparations and tactics”

“The whole day was very informative and thought provoking. The idea of planning for a rebid at the outset of a contract was particularly interesting”

“Very enjoyable. Helped me consolidate my thinking to structure a rebid.”

5th July 2012:

Article published by Rebidding Solutions MD Nigel Thacker on the Wellingtone Blog

Extract from the article:

It’s how you delivered the contract that counts

If you’ve delivered a poor or even just average performance on your existing contract then the customer will not be rooting for you in the rebid, in fact they might actively be looking for a change. And it’s not much use telling the customer in your rebid documents and presentations all about the great things you’ll be doing for them in the future. They either won’t believe you, or they’ll ask why you’ve not been doing that for the past x years on the existing contract. Successful rebidding isn’t just about how you run the bid part of the rebid process – it’s about how you’ve run the contract – and companies that are consistently successful at retaining their contracts don’t see the rebid as a separate bidding exercise – they plan ahead from the start of the contract with the rebid in mind.

The contract shouldn’t look the same at the end as it did when you started

Following on from the previous point you need to plan ahead not just for how you are going to run the contract but how you are going to change it to better meet the customer’s needs – both as you learn more about them and as they change. Partnership based contract formats have attempted to bring flexibility and change into a form of doing business – the contract – that is driven by what was specified and bid to be delivered at a single point in time. But a contract can be three, five, ten or more years long. How much in your business has stood still for the past ten years – and how much of that change could you have predicted, and contracted to have delivered ten years ago – and still be happy with it if it hasn’t changed? And no matter how many times you use the word partnering, if you haven’t actively used partnering approaches and techniques to actually help keep your delivery of the contract in line with the customer’s changing needs (and by this I don’t mean just using change controls to improve your margins), then you won’t be in the best position to win your rebid and continue to make a margin for the next ten years from this contract. A good contract should have a plan for change, and just like your business it should have processes in place to deliver that change, and a review process to update the plan regularly as circumstances develop over time. That’s the sort of contract that will be much easier to rebid successfully.

 If you can’t remember all the great things you’ve done on the contract, don’t expect the customer to

Even if you have delivered a great contract, you can’t expect the customer to give you marks in your evaluation if you don’t say you have, and give the evidence. Its a frighteningly common mistake in rebids: either the rebid team can’t find the evidence to prove that things have been delivered really well (because people have changed, no one kept records, or the improvements over time weren’t measured properly) or worse the team assume the customer is so familiar with them and the great work they’ve done that they don’t need to be reminded in the rebid. Part of your contract plan needs to be to record and properly collate all the changes you’ve made and keep records of your performance over the contract. Remember: even if your operational customer contacts are totally enamoured with you and really want you to win, they might not be the ones in charge of the rebid evaluation and decision making – this is when the customer’s finance, procurement and senior management team get involved – how much are they on your side?

And if the customer doesn’t ask in the contract specification that you originally bid  for you to report on measures that show the positive impact that you are delivering for them, then find measures that do show this and record them. Not only will you be able to (hopefully) impress the customer during the contract, you’ll have your own measures to work on to improve over the period of the contract.

Link to the full article: here