Need to ‘kick start’ your rebid?

We’ll help you get your rebid off to the best possible start to put you in position to win

“The workshops Rebidding Solutions deliver have provided our organisation with an insight into how to look at the re-bidding process in a different way. The workshop challenges our established thought patterns and engages the team to think the whole process through in a different way. The workshops are highly interactive and tailor made to the organisation which allowed us to get the best from the team involved. Their ongoing support beyond the workshops is also very valuable. We will continue to use Rebidding Solutions for future requirements without hesitation”. Nicola Rodker, Managing Director Westmeria Healthcare Ltd


Getting an early start will significantly improve your chances of winning your rebid.  It means you can put in place the plans, actions and people to make the most of your time and prepare your strategy for winning.

Kick start your rebid with a Rebid Preparation Workshop

Rebidding Solutions will help you kick start your rebid preparations by running our one day interactive rebid workshop for your contract and rebid team.

At the end of the workshop you will have the following outcomes:

  • The contract and bid team will have a clear view of the forthcoming rebid and will have worked together to identify both strengths and potential vulnerabilities in the contract – giving you time to work to your strengths and resolve any vulnerabilities

  • You will have identified information about the contract performance and achievements you can use in the rebid – and identified information they need to collect to make the most of your experience in your rebid.

  • You will have a good view of the key customer stakeholders, their needs and views – and will have identified any gaps in this information the team need to fill

  • You will have an outline rebid strategy for the team to work to

  • The team will have a clearer understanding of the rebid process, the work involved and the roles they need to play to be successful

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Make sure your contract is ready for the rebid with our Contract Review

As you approach your rebid it’s important to understand how ready your contract is for a successful campaign:

  • What are its strengths and potential vulnerabilities?

  • What information from the contract period can you use to enhance your rebid?

  • What needs to be worked on to put your contract in the best possible position to win?

  • What does your customer really think of the contract (and of you)?

  • What changes is the customer looking for in the next contract?

Our Contract Review process pulls together this information to give you a clear understanding of the situation and the action you need to take to enhance your chances of winning. The review comprises three workstreams:

  1. Individual and team sessions with your contract and rebid team
  2. A survey of your customer and key stakeholders
  3. A review of contract information and performance over the contract period

You can choose to take all three or any of the workstreams you feel will add most value.

You will receive a report and presentation highlighting the main issues and opportunities for the rebid and a recommended set of actions that will help you win.

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