Lost an important rebid?

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We’ll help you understand why. And help you make sure it doesn’t happen again


“Nigel from Rebidding Solutions has bought to NRS a clearer view of what it takes to win rebids and helped us put in place the actions that have delivered those wins. In particular he has helped the business understand the dynamics of relationships with customers and how to develop them over the life of the contract to create a real partnership that has bought wins on both sides. Nigel has worked very well with contract teams and the bid team, but also on a strategic level with the directors and senior management.

He has effected a change in our business around understanding the drivers of the client and how important it is to see a contract as a ‘living’ entity that needs to grow and be developed to show thought leadership and a modernising approach which is seen as refreshing by our customers. His advice and support has also helped us put in place and refine a range of initiatives that have moved us closer to our customers and delivered market leading new approaches which we believe will help us across the business, not just in winning future rebids.” Stephen Kennedy, Commercial Director.

Losing a rebid is always painful, and often unexpected. Getting an objective view of what went wrong can be difficult. Was it just the price or the scoring of the bid – or were there other lessons you need to know to make sure it doesn’t happen again? Rebidding Solutions will help you understand the real reasons why you lost – and help you put in place the lessons learnt to help you win your next rebids.

Lessons learnt reviews

Win or lose there are always lessons to learn from a rebid campaign that will help you improve future rebids.

Some internal reviews only look at the customer’s feedback on the final bid – we look further. Rebids can be lost because of what was written in the bid documentation or the price, but the factors that lead to these end products can often be traced back to the preparation for the rebid, or even how the contract was delivered.

Our reviews look at the rebid documentation, the solution, pricing and the full rebid process. We interview bid and contract team members involved and any other relevant stakeholders, including where possible the customer, to get the fullest view of what went well, what could have been improved and what the key factors were in losing – and critically what can be learnt to prevent the same issues occurring again.

We use our own set of rebid success factors to test the rebid, but as experienced practitioners in rebidding, running contracts and running businesses we always look at each case on its own merits – we don’t try to fit the problems to a preset list or predetermined ‘way it should be done’

The result will be a clear set of lessons, presented in a usable format to help your teams in business development and operations absorb the issues and put actions in place to resolve them (and if you want we can help with that too).

Contract vulnerability and rebid readiness reviews

Many people know the saying ‘the rebid starts on the first day of the contract’. But what does that mean in practice?

Are your contracts delivering in a way that will put you in the best position to win their rebids, or are they going to be vulnerable to attack by your competitors?

Our simple but effective review process will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your contracts and whether they are heading in the right direction for rebid success.

The reviews can be run at any time during the contract and will give you a clear set of strengths, weaknesses and issues as well as practical actions you can take on each contract to get it on track for rebid success.

Our team and associates have all run rebids, contracts or outsourcing companies and know the realities of how contracts and customers work so our recommendations will always be practical and realistic.

Whether you are worried about one contract in particular or want to review some or all of your contracts we can help. And we can train your own staff to undertake reviews so the learning stays with you.

If you’ve lost an important rebid (or any rebid), want to know the real reasons why, and how to prevent it happening again, contact us, we can help.