Deliver a winning submission

“Rebidding Solutions were extremely helpful in providing independent review and critical challenge for a successful bid to run Community Rehabilitation Services for the Ministry of Justice. Their input was really valued by the bid team and the speed they worked at was also appreciated”. Bid Manager, Large Private Sector bidder (see more customer comments here)

We’ll ensure your rebid submission makes the most of your position. And gets the best possible marks from the customer to win your rebid.

Reviewing and editing submissions

Use us as part of your review and editing team (or Red Team) for your draft submissions. We’ll bring our experience and understanding of what will gain the highest marks for your rebid. By bringing our review and editing skills for just a few days to your rebid you will get a tighter, more focused and higher quality submission. We also use our review and editing skills and our experience of winning large and small bids to help bidders win new contracts.

Whether you use us to run your whole rebid, or just for a few days at critical points in your rebid, we will improve your rebid submission and help you win.

To see some of the techniques we use in reviewing submissions see here and here

Rebid Management & Support

If you need an experienced bidder to lead your rebid. We can provide a lead for your rebid effort who is experienced in leading the whole bid effort, but who also understands how to get the most from your position as incumbent. Or if you have a gap in your team, or need extra resource to cover a surge in rebids (or bids) we can quickly fill that gap with experienced support.

Rebid team mentoring

You might just want a few tips to remind the team of best practice, or guidance through the whole rebid process for an inexperienced team. We can help your existing team make the most of your incumbency, whilst avoiding the pitfalls many incumbents fall into.

We’ll work with your existing bid lead and team to support, challenge and improve your rebid submission. Depending on your needs we will:

  • Help review your understanding of the customer, the competition and what you’ve done on your contract that you can use in the rebid
  • Help adapt your bid process to make the most of your incumbent position
  • Guide the team through developing a winning strategy and win themes
  • Facilitate effective  storyboarding sessions
  • Help with your reviews, and provide an independent external check and edit of your drafts.

By adding our knowledge, experience and understanding of what it takes to win rebids your team will be even more effective in retaining your contract.

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