Contract Retention Maturity Model Workshop

As the incumbent, retaining contracts at rebid requires a different approach to winning than for new business.  Rebidding Solutions has teamed with Get to Great® to apply our unique approach to contract retention and rebidding.   Utilising our Contract Retention Maturity Model (CRMM), we will enable your organisation to benchmark your capabilities against cross-industry best practice.

A single facilitated workshop, built around the CRMM, will enable you and your colleagues to identify gaps and agree actions to deliver higher retention rate for contracts.

Why Get to Great®?

You will control the process and the outcomes, not us. You and your colleagues will agree the key issues quickly, clearly seeing the gaps between where you are and where you need to be … and agree what to do next … knowing you’re all supporting each other to common goals.

For over 10 years, Get to Great® has delivered performance improvement to numerous organisations; the methodology has proven to be immediate, objective, collaborative, and cost effective.

The result?  Better performance, revenue and profit, backed by customer testimonials

Why rebids are different

As the incumbent, the customer will judge you on your delivery and approach to date.  Additionally, incumbency should ensure you have a number of unique advantages over the competition:

  •    a stronger relationship with your customer;
  •   a better understanding of your customer and their needs;
  •    more time and insight to prepare for the rebid;
  •    evidence to show how you can deliver a better solution for the next contract.

Despite these advantages, incumbents don’t always win rebids. Why?

The critical success factors for rebids

To ensure success, rebids must include input from the service delivery and operations team, as well as the sales and bid teams, because they are delivering the contract and (should) have the knowledge and history of delivery over the current contract period. However, ensuring all these key stakeholders focus on the long term retention of contracts, and coordinating the actions that ensure contract retention, throughout the life of the contract and the rebid sales cycle, isn’t always easy.

Different teams have different perspectives, different short term pressures and often different measures of success. Agreeing where the real issues are and how to improve the overall team performance can be difficult.

How the CRMM model helps


Get to Great - Contract Retention Maturity Model Diagram

By identifying the key factors that lead to rebid success, the CRMM helps your organisation (the extended sales and delivery team) focus on what needs to be done to make the biggest difference to improving contract retention.  Against an agreed set of actions for improvement, the teams work together to deliver that outcome – then check at regular intervals how far they have got in putting the plan into action against the CRMM.

How does it work?

During the one-day facilitated workshop, your teams will agree how well your organisation delivers on the key drivers to successful contract retention as defined by the CRMM below, set goals for where you feel you should be, along with the plan of action you will take over the next 3 months to deliver the aims you have set.

Workshop Diagram The position in reassessed after 90 days, again is a workshop, for you and your teams to review and agree how far you have progressed and what the impact of that has been.

The emphasis throughout is on helping you identify, agree, set and deliver actions to improve your organisation.  The knowledge of what needs to be done and the capability to do it is in your business already.  Why pay a consultant to spend weeks learning about your business and writing a report on where you are now and what needs to be done, when by getting the right people in your business together for a day and focusing on the issues against a proven model, you can identify these things yourself?

By taking control of the improvement plan yourself, you not only get more buy-in from your teams, but the solutions will be more practical, relevant to your business and will work and be sustainable.   The Rebidding Solutions and Get to Great® facilitators will support you if required as you put in place the improvements you have identified, but our emphasis is always on you and your teams leading what needs to be done, to get the benefits you need.

Client’s experiences of using Get to Great® frameworks and their testimonials support this experience

How can I find out more?

Go to the Get to Great® website to find out more about the Get to Great processes and contact information to book a Contract Retention and Rebidding workshop, or contact us at Rebidding Solutions via our contact page.