24 reasons why you lost your last rebid

If you’ve just suffered a lost rebid, plenty of people might be getting the blame. But unless you look clearly at all the possible reasons, you might be risking losing your next rebid too. If you did lose, you probably got feedback from the customer. You might even have completed […] Read more »

Understanding customer contract priorities

Understanding your customer is obviously a key part of delivering a successful contract. And of course then having a winning rebid. But how well do you really understand your customer’s priorities throughout the contract period? Many customers have a lifecycle approach to managing contracts. That means their priorities, and what […] Read more »

Rebid Preparation as a Project

Project Management has Improved Delivery of the Contract Life Cycle Most aspects of bidding and running outsourced contracts have incorporated project management approaches and techniques as integral parts of delivering effective and efficient outcomes. Perhaps the first was the implementation phase where a range of changes needed to be made […] Read more »